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Washington Capitol Hill Advocacy Expert

With over four decades of experience as a registered lobbyist and public policy professional, I bring unparalleled expertise to the heart of Washington, D.C. Specializing in advocacy on Capitol Hill, I offer strategic guidance and representation to ...

Influential Advocacy for Progressive Change

As a seasoned Capitol Hill lobbyist and public policy advocate, I offer dynamic solutions tailored to drive progressive change in today's evolving political landscape. With a deep-rooted commitment to advancing social and economic justice. My unique ...

The Stone Mover: Awakening and Empowering the Advocate in All of Us

Embark on a transformative journey with 'The Stone Mover: Awakening and Empowering the Advocate in All of Us'. Discover the profound impact of advocacy in public policy, where every stone holds the power to move mountains. Written from a lifetime of experience as an advocate, lobbyist, and public policy professional, this book will inspire and empower you to embrace your role in shaping democracy. Join me on this empowering exploration, where passion meets purpose, and together, we can move mountains. Get your copy today and unleash the advocate within.

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