I’m a sports fan.  Actually…I’m a New York sports fanatic.

When it comes to NY sports…at the end of the day I want to look up at the scoreboard and see that my team’s won…period.  Stats, analysis, and the injury report come a distant second (if that high), the score comes first…Riso wants the “W.”  Yup, when it comes to sports I have no patience for ties or effort-in the end, I want to win.

But when it comes to politics/public policy…that mentality is extremely dangerous, irresponsible, and way too common.  Politics and or public policy isn’t about winning and losing.  A person or party is merely elected to serve the people, not become a political minion to a party.  The first priority of those elected is to make sure the interests of those not elected are not forgotten.  The concept of a political party over-running another is ridiculous.

“In a nation about “the People,” to oppose someone politically is to ultimately oppose oneself.”

Mark Riso

**I even quote myself in my own blog…

Before your head explodes – let me continue.  We can disagree as long as our disagreement has no ego…with the ultimate goal of working together to compromise in order to bring resolve to an issue…Amen!

Disagree yes…..but, to oppose denotes that at the end of the day I will only be satisfied if I get my way – at your expense.  I’m all about pursuing my beliefs and debating anyone who doesn’t agree – until I drop.  But, at the end of the day – the ONLY way to win is to always seek a resolution that we can all live with.

As Americans…our greatest strength is our flexibility – Mark Riso


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